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 Members of the Club,


This afternoon, I received an email from our staff contact at Park Tudor School, our host institution, informing me that the school is cancelling numerous events scheduled on campus in the wake of the coronavirus situation.  That includes our scheduled meeting next Monday 16 March


I have already informed the executive committee as well as the scheduled essayist.  


I would like the Club's assistance in notifying those members who are NOT on the email list -- only 11 individuals, most of whom do not attend our meetings.

      Jonathan Birge,    Hugh Moore,  George Hoffman    John MacDougall

      Philip McKiernan    George Rawls   Gene Sease    James Seidensticker

      David Slocum       James Stokes     Bernard Wurger


If you know any of these individuals, please contact them and inform them of the cancellation, thus saving the Secretary from another mailing.


Park Tudor has promised to keep me informed of the situation at the school.  Stay tuned for further news about future meetings.  I am sure that the executive committee will be addressing this matter in the near future.


Stay safe.


The Secretary  


David G. Vanderstel, Ph.D.


6679 E. Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN  46219