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David G. Vanderstel, Secretary

9131 S. Greenridge Lane

Bloomington, Indiana 47401


9 March 2018




The next meeting of the Indianapolis Literary Club will be Monday 19 March 2018 at 8:00 p.m. in Clowes Commons of Park Tudor School.  We welcome the evening’s essayist William J. Doherty who will present his essay, “Enemies and Influence.”  


            Not my enemies ever invade me – no harm to my pride from them I fear;

            But the lovers I recklessly love – lo! How they master me!

            Lo! Me, ever open and helpless, bereft of my strength!

            Utterly abject, groveling on the ground before them.

                        American poet Walt Whitman (1819-1892), “Leaves of Grass”


        At the last meeting, President Henry Winckler extended his welcome to all in attendance.  The only business before the Club was a reminder about the upcoming sixth Tri-Lit Club dinner, scheduled for Wednesday 11 April at Woodstock Club.  Cost is $50.00 per person; guests and spouses are welcome to attend.  Reservations must be submitted to the Treasurer by early April.  Contact him at the next meeting or by email at


President Winckler then introduced the evening’s guest essayist Richard B. Gunderman who presented his talk, “XRD.” He began with an exploration of the meaning of “crossroads” in the context of Indiana and Indianapolis history.  The essayist then turned his attention to a key crossroads in world history – Athens – and examined how it had an impact on democracy, civility, education, public policy, culture, and the world in general.  Using Athens as a foundation for the ensuing discussion, the essayist then explored ways in which the City of Indianapolis could (and should!) become an “Athens” in the transformation of Hoosier life and culture.  A hearty discussion followed.


Once again, the Club year has passed by quickly.  There are only three regular meetings of the Club remaining before the spring Ladies’ Night on 7 May and the year-ending annual and inaugural dinner on 16 May.  Details on these events will follow later in April.


 The Club will meet next on Monday 19 March 2018 at 8:00 pm in Clowes Commons at Park Tudor School.  At that time, essayist William J. Doherty will offer his essay, “Enemies and Influence.”  Since the essayist is a historian, might the essay focus on a particular world conflict?  A political movement?  The formation of military policy?  Or could it be a take-off on a 1936 book about how to “win friends and influence people”?  The Secretary has no idea, so you will need to attend the meeting in order to discover the topic presented by the evening’s essayist.  Hope to see you there!


Now, as words affect, not by any original power, but by representation, it might be supposed, that their influence over the passions should be but light; yet, it is quite otherwise; for we find by experience, that eloquence and poetry are as capable, nay indeed much more capable, of making deep and lively impressions than any other arts, and even than nature itself in very many cases.

Irish statesman/author/political theorist Edmund Burke (1729-1797), “On the Sublime and Beautiful”

                                                                                               The Secretary


David G. Vanderstel, Ph.D.

9131 S. Greenridge Lane

Bloomington, Indiana  47401